New School Building

This school construction is the newest priority project at AoH. The goal is to complete the first floor of this Goliath school building by the start of the 2018 school year in February. The foundation is complete. Cost to finish the first level is approximately $85,000. Once the 3 stories are complete, Acres of Hope Nursery and Primary School will provide high quality education for 400 students every year, 4 times more children than currently!

Phone: 704-981-2644

Recent Updates

School Construction Latest Update

Published Tue, May 08, 18. Written by Joan Finn.

 We're excited to share new photos of the school construction. They are working on the second floor as funding is received. Total funds needed for the second floor is $86,000.



School Construction Update

Published Mon, Jan 29, 18. Written by Joan Finn.

Construction on the first floor is very nearly complete. Construction is progressing.  Donations for the second and third floors are still needed. (Total needed to complete the three-story building is approximately $240,000.)



School Construction Project Update

Published Wed, Nov 01, 17. Written by Joan Finn.

Work is in progress. Steel work is almost done and the brick work is to commence soon!


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