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Attending Secondary "High" School in Uganda is quite an accomplishment. Less than 50 percent of all Ugandans achieve this level of education. In part, because Secondary School is quite expensive as most students go to boarding schools. Tuition can reach $1,800 per year, about 3 times a normal sponsorship. Acres of Hope is working hard to supplement tuition for these students with local resources. However, gifts to the High School Tuition Fund are greatly appreciated.

Pictured Above: Move In Day, February 2017.                                                            Each student is required to bring many supplies when they begin Secondary School. In addition to tuition, it costs approximately $600 to outfit each student for the first day! Items required include: metal storage trunk, mattress, bed sheets, towels, scientific calculator, many other school supplies, Bible, toiletries of every variety, uniforms, shoes, non-uniform clothes.

Phone: 704-981-2644

Recent Updates

2018 Primary 7 Graduates

Published Wed, Dec 05, 18. Written by Michelle Campbell.


Acres of Hope had 17 students complete the Primary 7 Exit Exams this year! This marks the end of Primary "elementary" School for these intelligent and kind young men and women. We pray for their continued educational success and we encourage you to consider a financial gift to support them in their Secondary "high" School efforts. We are so proud of these hard-working students and we are very thankful for your continued support of them!

2017 Primary 7 Graduates

Published Wed, Nov 15, 17. Written by Michelle Campbell.

Thirteen AoH students completed Primary 7, the final year of Primary "Elementary" School, on November 3, 2017. This is a huge accomplishment since less than 50% of Ugandans complete this much schooling! The exam results will be available mid-January, 2018 and based on the results, the students will be heading to Secondary Schools throughout Uganda! You can help these kind, intelligent, faithful students continue their education with a gift of any amount.


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