High School Tuition Fund

Secondary "High" School in Uganda is quite expensive since most students go to boarding schools. Tuition can reach $1,800 per year, about 3 times a normal sponsorship. Acres of Hope is working hard to supplement tuition for these students with local resources. However, gifts to the High School Tuition Fund are greatly appreciated.

Pictured Above: Move In Day, February 2017.                                                            Each student is required to bring many supplies when they begin Secondary School. In addition to tuition, it costs approximately $600 to outfit each student for the first day! Items required include: metal storage trunk, mattress, bed sheets, towels, scientific calculator and many other school supplies, Bible, toiletries of every variety, uniforms, shoes, non-uniform clothes.


Phone: 704-981-2644
Email: michelle@aohi.org

Recent Updates

2017 Primary 7 Graduates

Published Wed, Nov 15, 17. Written by Michelle Campbell.

Thirteen AoH students completed Primary 7, the final year of Primary "Elementary" School, on November 3, 2017. This is a huge accomplishment since less than 50% of Ugandans complete this much schooling! The exam results will be available mid-January, 2018 and based on the results, the students will be heading to Secondary Schools throughout Uganda! You can help these kind, intelligent, faithful students continue their education with a gift of any amount.


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