Let's get the AOHU School Certified!

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RAISED: $6,200.00

GOAL: $180,000.00

Let's get Acres of Hope Primary School certified by the Ugandan Ministry of Education by October 2020!

Acres of Hope Primary School will serve 400 students, many orphans and vulnerable children, once certified by the Ugandan Ministry of Education!

As you might know, the 3-story school building is very close to completion. We thank each of you who have given generously to get the school to this point!

In early 2019 the Ministry added requirements to complete by October 2020 before they will certify the school:

1. Completion of 3 washroom buildings; girls, boys and staff. (Cost: $40,000)

2. Completion of safety fence; protecting school grounds from nearby river. (Cost: $20,000)

3. Completion of boy's dorm. (Cost: $40,000)

4. School building widows, doors, paint, plaster and electricity. (Cost: $70,000)

5. Books, desks, tables/ (Cost: $10,000)

We humbly ask that you consider a gift to this project.

The lives of so many children have been transformed socially, spiritually, academically and physically, but there is work left to be done. 

Thank You!



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The roof is on!

Published Fri, Aug 30, 19. Written by Michelle Campbell.

The roof is on both the school building and the washrooms! Next up...

The Ugandan Ministry of Education has set a deadline of October 2020 for Acres of Hope to become a certified school. Three projects must be completed by this date.

1. Three washrooms (for girls, boys and staff) must be completed. The structures are built - now we need help with the interior plumbing and all the finishes.


2. A boy's dormitory must be built.

3. A safety fence must be constructed around the property to secure the property from the nearby river. 

The roof is going on!

Published Sun, Feb 03, 19. Written by Michelle Campbell.

The roof is going on the new school building!

Thanks to so many loyal friends and supporters, the hard work of the AoH staff, and a mighty God, Acres of Hope Primary school is on it's way to becoming fully certified by the Ugandan Ministry of Education. School washrooms are the next step in the process and we are looking for supporters who understand the importance of proper sanitation in Uganda. 



The 3rd Floor will soon be under construction!

Published Mon, Jul 30, 18. Written by Michelle Campbell.

Only $65,000 more, of the original $270,000, is needed to complete all 3 stories of the new school building. Your generosity is a practical expression of love and we sincerely thank you for walking with Acres of Hope Uganda on this project!



School Construction Latest Update

Published Tue, May 08, 18. Written by Joan Finn.

 We're excited to share new photos of the school construction. They are working on the second floor as funding is received. Total funds needed for the second floor is $86,000.



School Construction Update

Published Mon, Jan 29, 18. Written by Joan Finn.

Construction on the first floor is very nearly complete. Construction is progressing.  Donations for the second and third floors are still needed. (Total needed to complete the three-story building is approximately $240,000.)



School Construction Project Update

Published Wed, Nov 01, 17. Written by Joan Finn.

Work is in progress. Steel work is almost done and the brick work is to commence soon!